New Coffin Sales Temporarily on Hold

As our business and family transitions we have paused in coffin sales.

Matt, the sole craftsman behind all coffin design and construction, has been exploring the canvas trade.  What that means for our little shop is that the canvas shop has pushed the woodworking shop out of commission until a better situation is created during the coming warm season.

Coffin building is an interesting endeavor.  It has been extremely flattering and empowering to provide coffins to our Northern Michigan neighbors.  It feels right to offer this service.  However, grieving and making big purchases in often limited time is extremely challenging.  Many well meaning folks don't have the time or information to find a coffin builder.  So for the time being, coffin building has to play a minor role in our day to day living efforts.  And make way in a shop for a sewing machine.

We wish you well in your efforts if you are grieving and looking for coffin alternatives.  In the mean time, we're happy to share what we've learned about funeral options, give suggestions if you wish to build your own, and take comments on what you would like to see us build in the future.

Until then, check out Matt's recent work at our canvas website, www.cutwatercanvas.com

Thank you!  Matt, Mary, Nancy and Nell Hohlbein