Skin on Frame Kayaks

Yes, wood is Matt's thing.  But he's always been tempted to create with fabric.  Less dust.  Oh, and did I say he was a boat guy, too?  Way back, he found a book called Baidarka, by George Dyson.  This book became the source of a long fascination with skin on frame boats.   And back when I gave more creative gifts, I sent a copy of this book to Mr. Dyson to sign and send back.
This summer, he's built not one, but two for our children and one for himself.  
All the way from lashing the frames together...

Bending the ribs...

Sewing the fabric on...

and covering with finish...


Natural Death Care Workshop Coming to Petoskey

De-Mystifying Natural Death Care:
Home Funeral and Green Burial
Join our workshop, offering in-depth discussion
and practical strategies regarding options
for natural death care and home funeral planning
for yourself and your loved ones.

With Merilynne Rush, Midwife, Home Funeral Guide
Saturday, April 28, 10 am – 4 pm

Cost: $30/ person, pre-registration is required.
Sponsored in part by Nelnamar Coffins,
a Northern Michigan Company.

Workshop Topics include:
Discussion of our views about death and our final wishes,
The benefits of home funeral, what is involved and how to do it,
Specifics of how to care for the body,
Creating sacred space and/or ceremony,
Working with family and community to honor
the wishes of the deceased and
an overview of green burial options in Michigan.

Merilynne will have handouts for all participants
and some resources for sale.

2225 Summit Park Drive, Petoskey, MI
(NW corner entrance and conference room of the Northwest Michigan Works building.)

Bring a lunch or we can order for delivery.
For more information / registration,
contact Angie at 231-409-2272, 231-537-4818 


Christmas with a Woodworker

Fine woodworking meets music.  It was a mystery to me at first, too, but Matt managed to get my hint but took music stand to the next level.  Fully collapsible, the sun shaped piece slides out from a rail and folds up according style into one transportable piece.  Watch out, Bliss Township Square Dance! 

And as you can see in the background, Northern Michigan didn't see much snow for Christmas.  At least once a week, leading up to Christmas, I would step out the door and get a whiff of spring.  We've been spoiled by balmy chore weather, sweet carrots from the hoophouse, and unhindered mail delivery. Or so I thought.   Finally under a few inches of snow, the beauty of winter has finally shown her face.  But in her own sweet time.