Time Out

We've been pretty busy in our personal lives lately.

Perhaps you've seen our ad in the Blissfest program.

This was, by far, our busiest festival yet.  The dual life of working pre, during, and post fest while running home to maintaining a small farm and small children is a job I couldn't have done when I was 20.  And there are perks, like the lifetime supply of tent stakes...

Oh, and the music.. Caravan of Thieves topped the list.  (If your 4 years old, you pronounce it Caravan of Sleeves.)  Looking at their website you'd think their music is dark, but it's so happy and energetic that it's a sin not to dance.  Here's a video link.   And why, do you ask, is a band review on a casket website....lucky coincidence that one of their songs is titled "Raise the Dead."  Music allows for no holding back of emotions, including songs on death. Our favorites now include "Raise the Dead", and the Red Sea Pedestrians "Sugar in my Coffin" (Curtis Eller).

Fuzz and Carrie, the founding couple of Caravan of Thieves, were kind enough to answer a few of my questions:

  • Because you wrote the song "Raise the Dead", would you ever consider prepurchasing a casket from us?  We'd consider purchasing a casket. We're more of a "burial at sea" kind of folk though.

  • In my (Mary's) modest opinion, "Raise the Dead" almost has a lullaby feel.  Did you intend this?  We did intend for the lullaby effect. A lot of what we do are lullabys, some are just sped up. But its a happy song celebrating the achievements and the overall population we call "the deceased", whom we adore. 

  • I noticed a band picture on your website, posing in a cemetery.  You must like cemeteries?   And as for cemeterys, can't say enough good things... Fascinating. Beautiful. Inspiring. Timeless.
Their next apperance in Michigan happens on August 5th at Bell's Brewery.