Can it be...spring?

Ahh, the ramps.  The first great bounty is just waiting in the woods to bring pizazz to food after a long winter.  All the kids at our house, including the goat versions, fearlessly dug their nails/hoofs into the forest floor in search of food on our first forage attempt Easter Eve.  Initially, it's quite the challenge to dig up leeks without popping the tops off (plant self-protection?) and essentially losing the bulk of the harvest.  But after settling in, the buckets started filling up.  We're hoping to really go for it this year and take advantage of a crop that is ready and waiting when we would otherwise be engrossed by the seed starting battle.  Makes sense, right?

And what to do with these slightly tangy onion??  Drying, freezing, and pickling to preserve.  But then what?  I've heard of Wild Leek Potato Soup.  Sounds like a good start.  This year.

Also happy to report that one blog I follow, The Improvised Life, has been on the ramp bandwagon.  Spring is infectious.