January 2011

This is the time of the year to truly embrace winter.  We’ve dusted off the skis and carved trails into the fields, before and after the unusual rainstorms of December.  Biking remains in our blood, however, and this would be your view if you had been driving down the road from the Bliss Store a few days before Christmas.  Now we can say that we truly had a "green" Christmas.

To go alongside our two original casket models, Matt has been in the shop rethinking handles and lid fastening, while banking up on alternative construction techniques.  The ultimate goal for these caskets is for them to be completely locally made.  We're excited that we've found a source of wood within 5 miles of our workshop. Dovetails are emerging from the shop as a technique to avoid the use of glue in the future, and hand planing is emerging as the most handsome smoothing technique.  When things are hand made, they tend to really look that way!